Spiritual Discourse

Through satsanghosti interact with me on topics such as yoga, lifestyle, mythology, philosophy, prana vidya, holistic healing and self realization.

Meditation Courses

Courses for expansion of consciousness and elevation of energy with classical yoga and tantra vidya.

Free Courses

Gain knowledge from my pre recorded videos on various subjects of nature, life, physical and mental health and spirituality.

I am working as an academician in Human Consciousness from last two decades. My core expertise is in  Philosophy, Tantra, Yoga, Indian Mythology and Holistic Healing.

Since 2012 I am working with a South Korean University,  as a Professor in Yoga and Meditation department.

In my professional career I have conducted more than 200 International seminars, workshops and conferences around the globe related to Indian Pragmatic Mythological Heritage and Yogic Sciences.

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Namastey, I am Rajesh K. Raj

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Why Choose Our Course?

Get direct and exclusive mentorship through my virtual classes, and gain access to spiritual community for further assistance on learned practices.

All courses are designed keeping the below aspects in reference.

  • To balance your mental and physical health
  • To transform your life
  • To connect with your innernet​
  • Helps you vibrate with nature
  • To sublimate with wheel of life​
  • To reveal sanatan dharma & rit​ within
  • To lead you from happiness to bliss​
  • To transcend your mortal existence​
  • Easy learning with pragmatic approach​

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Featured Courses

Chakras - The Wheel of Life

The chakras are energy centers within our astral body, which when balanced bring about health and harmony with the mind, body, and soul.

Holistic Detoxification

Ritanveshi Yogayan design this seven days course to detoxify the body by a holistic approach.

Classical Meditation

100 Hours Online TTC of YogaAlliance

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Veronica Gibbs, Vienna


I am a resident of Vienna, Austria. Even being next to Himalayas, I could not understand the sanctity of divinity held deeply in Himalayas. 4 years ago, I came in contact with Dr. Rajesh ji, and ever since than I have been in touch with him for day to day corrections in my regular meditation practice. I must say that Dr. Rajesh Raj is a vast ocean of knowledge and experience in various aspects of Yoga. I strongly recommend him to beginner, intermediate and advanced level of Yoga practitioners.